The Seasonal Living Course

  • Do you want more control over your life?

  • Do you want to learn how to ensure you avoid burnout & overwhelm yet still achieve the most you can from life?

  • Are you ambitious and motivated but worry about finding balance with self care and relationships?

  • Do you want to understand your body more? In particular as a woman, how to connect with yourself and others in a deeper and richer way?

Then it sounds like the Seasonal Living Course is for you……


The Next Course Dates: March 29th 2019

Cost £25

4 week online course, re-playable at your leisure.

  1. Week 1 (29/3/19): 30 minute video - The history of the Red Tent, the sacred and cyclic living of women with the moon.

  2. Week 2 (New Moon 5/4/19): 30 minute video -How to track your cycle and a downloadable ‘cycle’ tracker.

  3. Week 3 (12/4/19): 30-45 minute live video in a private facebook group about how to embrace all parts of the menstrual cycle and harness your wild powers as a woman - my favourite part of the course.

  4. Week 4 (Full Moon 19/4/19) 30 minute Live video in a private facebook group - Full Moon Ritual and guide to planning your month/ Q and A session.

    Week 3 and 4 -A downloadable 2019 moon calendar is provided, to truly make the most of the course, to empower your planning each month along side some journalling qus and of course life long access to the facebook group.

If you are interested to get more of a feel for what goes on in these courses you can take a look at my Cyclic Living Blog posts.

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