Witchy Woo Halloween 2018 -Tracking The Moon

Did I tell you before that Sophia and I are witches! Well it is true and we sing songs like witchy woo!

Did I tell you before that Sophia and I are witches! Well it is true and we sing songs like witchy woo!

Witchy Woo

Eeeeek I have a confession to make. I think I am actually a witch!!!  In fact, I am sure of it!!!

I have tracked the moon for a while now and how it relates to the divine feminine. The fact it circles around the earth for 28 days each month, being similar to the length of a woman’s cycle!!!  I read somewhere that human bodies are made of 70% water and if we look at what the moon does to the tide how can we question what it does to us as women!  And I have to say….. this makes a lot of sense to me!

I have been researching, tracking and following the moon now for about 2 months and whilst this doesn’t sound very long the moon has actually always been in my life.  It’s just that I have becoming extremely aware recently of how significant she is in shaping my femininity and I have had a calling to follow her that I can no longer ignore.

I think she has called me for many years, but clearly, I wasn't ready. And she is so gentle, she waited patiently every night for me until I was!

Many years ago, I read a book called 'Eating with The Light of The Moon' and it made complete sense to me back then, yet I obviously wasn't ready to be an actual moon follower!

I thought people that followed the moon were a little bit crazy and hippy, the 'Holy-Flow' Parenting-types. And to be honest being this spontaneous and free scared me. I needed control- 4 walls with a ceiling, rather than a forest to sleep in with a skyline of stars and the moon for guidance.

But oh how things are changing and how I want to follow 'Holy-Flow' Parenting and 'moonmother' more than any other hash-tags right now.

I thought of these Earthy, moon mamas, dancing rituals around the fire and stripping naked to the moon! as doing something dangerous or 'too wild'!  Think the dance in the 'Proposal' with Sandra Bullock but more extreme! Or Outlander's Gellis, the red headed witch, who dares dance rituals to the moonlight naked! only to be bought to trial for witchcraft, for being in tune with her divine powers!  No wonder as a red headed witchy and earthy mama type I have been so scared to discover and own these powers! Eekkk!

But no longer will I fear these gifts or the thought of people judging me.  I will only be guided from now by my spiritual tribe, my inner knowing of what I know, oh yes and GOD, for after all she did make the moon! Right!

I was embarrassed to open up to the natural divine feminine powers I possess, afraid to be more powerful than men!  Afraid to be young, wild and FREE!!!!   Afraid, afraid, afraid.

But it seems I am these things -powerful, young, wild, free AND THEN SOME, and suddenly I don't feel so self-conscious about it all anymore.  I want to blog about it, join communities, get scientific about moon cycles, track them, gather further wisdom and insight into our magnificent world and the power's SHE possesses.  I want to become open to the beauty of Moon Magic, her gifts that she openly invites us all to enjoy, whilst basking in her light.

And I want to know more, more, more.

So with that in mind.....

What do you notice about the moon and your cycle, anything?  Or just me?

Happy Halloween folks, love this red headed witch!

Go in Peace

Laura xxx