Winter Reflections


Winter – the shadow lands!

It has been a well and truly snuggly winter for us. Just how I like winter to feel.  I’ve enjoyed being outside more and been drawn to the kitchen to create lovely home comfort foods.  I have wanted to read and watch movies and have spent a lot of time in our lounge with a blanket and a warm drink of some sort.

Winter has been such a great time to slow down and connect with Chris and Sophia. At first, I found it really hard to slow down and honour the new pace of life.  Over the build-up to the Christmas period I observed so many families rushing around with adults feeling anxious and mentally unwell, because of their lifestyle and it put me really on edge. I had to come off of social media for pretty much the whole of December and not do any work to allow me to slow down and come back to my body.

The cinema really helped me to transition as well as swimming, which makes a lot of sense as the winter is represented with the element of water.

I booked Chris and I into a spa date where we enjoyed a child free date, slowing down and having a couples massage.  That was a great way to get into the wintery vibes. We also had two weekends away without Sophia, one in a cottage over Christmas and one in Foxhills, our wedding hotel, in January. I think winter for me feels very like a deep need for alone time and I found myself praying and going inwards A LOT.

I didn’t clean the house much and noticed I really needed a cleaner bi-weekly to get through whereas in the spring and summer months I don’t like someone else cleaning as it doesn’t feel thorough enough for me but everything over the winter was about surviving and not really caring if the house wasn’t super tidy.

Sophia kept asking for hot baths around 4pm and then a blanket and supper. I put a sheet on the sofa so we could snuggle up together with a prawn linguine and watch a movie without worrying over any mess.

Over the winter one thing I became very aware of was my period and how terrible the time of the month feels.  It’s like double winter upon (internal) winter whammy and frankly just hasn’t been fair at all!  My hormones were all over the place and in January I even went to Wales with my parents for 4 days to get even more extra help looking after Sophia so I could spend more time journaling and reflecting, healing wounds and repairing.  It really has been a time of going inward and asking for solitude and reflection.  

During February although the days were frozen, the air started to change a slight bit and we enjoyed crisp winter walks outside every day.  But in January the days felt very dark and we stayed in. When we did get out I noticed how nature makes such a mess over the winter with leaves and weeds overgrown everywhere. And it sits in the complete comfort of it’s own mess and I felt the need to follow mother’s natures guide.

There has been some great things to celebrate over winter from New years eve, to chines new year and Valentines day, all of which we enjoyed feasts and indulgence by going out for dinner. Yummy yum.

Also I found out about and joined a redtent women’s group which was incredibly healing and spiritual for me so I am going to start my own - New Years goal.

And I got a calling to train as a priest which I have explored further with my church and they are very excited to support me. Eek