Summer Reflection 2018


Over the summer Sophia has enjoyed a more relaxed pace of life.  We have spent a lot of time at home as a family dancing, listening to music, watching TV! and eating ice creams.  Sophia has become a water baby through and through, following in my footsteps we haven’t been able to get her out of the swimming pool!

We have done a lot of catching up with friends, inviting them over for BBQs and Sophia has enjoyed a very Greek way of life running around until midnight with friends and family chatting and sharing stories and food in our home.

Since it has been the hottest summer I ever remember we have spent lots of time during the heat wave in our paddling pool, which was so refreshing until, sadly, the cat popped it!  So we will need to invest in a new one if the sun decides to grace us again next year.  I do hope so.

Along with these lazy summer days Chris and I have found that television has tended to be our best friend when parenting, feeling too lethargic to go out and about like we were before the classes and playgroups broke up over the summer. We have still attended a few classes like gymnastics summer camp that ran but in general we have taken time off as a family to just chillax.

We kind of thought of the summer for Sophia like the summer holidays from school that Chris and I remember having as children and wanted to allow Sophia to guide us as to how much television she should watch whilst being aware of how it can affect toddlers at the same time and making sure we had plenty of time outdoors, eating outside and having water fights. I feel like we got a good balance.

We enjoyed a family get away, phone free.  Read more about why we don’t take our phones on holiday here. And Sophia and I had a wild week camping in Greece that we absolutely loved.  The slow pace of life really grounded us and got us really focused on our rhythm as a family and what that looks like with me reading a book called Simplicity Parenting and of course the Greeks role modelling the optimum family life environment with children being the focus of attention, included in a very Montessorian style approach to helping with all practical activities and being very included in family decisions. 

Chris and I try to discuss things as a parenting team when it comes to Sophia and we felt happy that, over the summer, we would relax about screen time and let her enjoy it with her screaming 'more Bing!' as her language developed and she became to understand the story lines more and more. It has also bought us delight to see how excited she gets.  I think this summer will forever be the summer Sophia fell in love with the water and Bing Bunny.