Summer Holidays without Social Media


We just got back from a lovely week away in Menorca and it was such a special family time. Sophia's language is really coming along and it was exciting noticing the differences in her between our last break and this one.


The tradition of not taking a phone on holiday started with my own parents, who were always available to my sister and I when we went abroad to ensure we got their full attention where they couldn't always give it at home due to work commitments.

I've tended to continue this tradition, rarely taking my phone away with me. usually only to take photos on aeroplane mode. But now and again I review this concept to see if it still suits my lifestyle.

You see it's so easy nowadays, in this technological era, to continue the same lifestyle wherever in the world you are in terms of social media and phone calls. It's harder than ever just to connect with what's right in front of you.

But even photos start to get in the way of family time nowadays, posing for that perfect selfie, so now I barely take my phone out even for photos and I'll tend to just take a few special pictures, usually one night out and a few on a beach so we do have some visual memories.

I have to say I did find some technology helpful this year. Bing bunny on YouTube was helpful for Chris and I to enjoy a cocktail in the evening without running around after Sophia and preventing her from jumping in the pool once it was closed for the evening and in her party dress! Lol

Confession time some evenings we may have used technology for the whole of a meal when Sophia wasn't that interested in the buffet!

But during the day when there was sandcastles to build and moats to dig we were just too busy to take photos or worry about Facebook, Instagram or blogs. And I really loved that.

I had wondered if I would like to take some time for myself to blog or connect with my online community and perhaps in the future I will. Or perhaps not. I'll take it one holiday at a time.

This year I did take my phone abroad but I found that I wanted to continue the family tradition and honour the space being exclusively for my family. I sent text messages to a few special family and friends, especially on my birthday as people wanted to send me well wishes and I wanted them to know I had got them but other than that our holiday was social media free. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Amen to that,

Go in peace my friends,

Laura Kypre