Full Snow Moon February 2019 Ritual


The February full moon was very special because this year, 2019, it is the closest the moon will be to the earth and it is superbly bright.  It is called the snow moon because although January was often the coldest month usually February was the month that had the most snow fall. Some also knew it as the hunger moon as it was difficult to get food or the trapped moon as traps were made to hunt animals for their thick furs!⠀

Full moon rituals.

On the morning of the full moon Sophia and I got up together. She has been co sleeping recenrly as she has been getting her final molars and also her emotions have been quite up and down and I have wondered if it is to do with the moon.  To detox and purify we drank celery juice and then I had a lemon and ginger tea.  We went for a walk to feel the fresh cold air.

Whilst Sophia was in child care I had a massage for my womb, neck and back.  I am holding a workshop tonight for 33 women and want to be grounded and ready for their energy.  I cleansed my office with essential oils and drew some divine feminie cards to protect my space.

The Sophia and I during sun down took out all of the crystals from our home. We washed them and dried them and then laid them in shells so that they could go outside to recharge in the full moon light.

As we washed the crystals we sing a little song ‘witchy woo’ and then let go of anything we need to and ask for 5 things that we want to keep.  We often to a gratitude prayer to everyone we are grateful for and just make it a nice spiritual little ceremony. 

In the morning after the full moon we collected the crystals back in, they felt so light and energised it was amazing and then Sophia wanted to stay outside. So, we had breakfast out, wrapped up, it was brilliantly refreshing and something about the snow moon being behind us now (although I’ll still be watching in awe this week as it fades) made me feel like this is the time to really start setting New Years goals. As we come into spring and energy returns and you feel that itching to get outside and fun type mood. Spring is in the air.

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