Preparing for Winter


What I would like my winter rhythm to look like:

Each season I draft up a schedule that I would like to follow with activities, food plans and classes to attend.

Alongside this I sit down each month with a list of gentle goals to achieve and a ‘nice to do’ list so for example friends I’d like to catch up with or home improvements I’d like to complete. These don’t have to get done but are simply a list of ideas for spare time of things I’d like to do to enjoy life.

This winter my ideal day would look like a lazy slow morning, getting up when the sun rises and having porridge for breakfast with banana or apple with cinnamon.

Then going for a morning activity with Sophia, usually outdoors, to feel the fresh crisp air and truly appreciate the indoors when we come back for a nap.

After nap time we will heat up a bowl of pre-prepared lunch, usually something left over from the night before and then adventure out to a friend’s house for a cup of tea and a biscuit or chocolate.

In the evening times Sophia and I prepare and cook a main meal and then have a bath. We come down in our pyjamas and watch a film or read together before going to bed.

What a lovely happy day.

We have a looser schedule in winter with just one activity planned in each day

Monday- swimming
Tuesday - crafts with the child minder
Wednesday - softplay
Thursday- park
Friday- swimming
Saturday - family time
Sunday- church