Preparing for Autumn

welsh water.jpeg

Eek, the weather is changing and as a red head I tend to feel the cold more than most, apparently a scientifically proven fact!  I am so cold right now that I have booked a last-minute family getaway to Menorca this evening as I am not quite ready to wave what has been the most glorious summer in the history of my life goodbye.  The 8 weeks of reliable consistent sunshine was right up my street and I've basked in the heat that was the summer of 2018.

Sophia has become a water baby through and through, following in my footsteps, we have enjoyed keeping cool in our paddling pool, eating ice creams, catching up with friends over BBQs late into the summer evenings, with Sophia running around until midnight at times and a weeks wild camping in Greece, right next to the sea. Some fantastic memories have been created and will stay forever in our hearts or at least until next year when we can make some more!

But alas, winter is coming and it is time to hang up the flip-flops and replace them with my fluffy slipper boots!  Saturday boozy BBQs with friends will turn into Sunday roast dinners with family and early nights to bed with my husband. We are hopeful that our daughter will buy into this and start allowing us to do a bit more of a bedtime routine, she has turned into such a wild, free child over the summer we are worried we will never get her back to a sensible bed time!  Can anyone relate!

Blankets, slankets, coats, hats and scarves have made a reappearance in our home this week, even the winter duvet has been brought down from the loft, although has not made it onto the bed just yet.  My husband and daughter are so hot-blooded they will sweat if it goes on now, besides apparently, I won't feel the full benefit when it is truly cold.  But it is truly cold!  I feel my dream of owning an ultra-thick goose down duvet slowly slipping away.

I have hired a nanny this week so that I can spend some much-needed time preparing myself and our home for the winter season, putting in place a plan for our rhythm with a loose routine that will see us through the autumn and winter seasons.  I have learnt to embrace that as a mum our home is like my stage and I am the director, spending time planning the setting and backdrop therefore seems a wise decision to make.

In the past I would perhaps not have given quite so much recognition to the importance of these seasonal changes, finding myself thrown into the seasons unprepared, wearing and eating the wrong thing and generally feeling somewhat out of place and out of sync.  This would lead me to feel uneasy, confused and marginally depressed until I got with the program and found my rhythm.  Being aware of how the season impacts us as a family and having Sophia looked after this week has been a huge mum win.

My wardrobe will be rotated, summer clothes packed away in preparation for our last holiday of the season.  More vivid colours will come back again for next summer but will be replaced with thick woolly cardigans, cotton shirts and jeans.  The colours being those of earthier browns, beiges, yellows and oranges.  I shall use my child free time to start some batch cooking of shepherd pies, casseroles, packing away salad bowls and bringing forth the slow cooker and hand blender for wicked soups to be made, mmmmm.

My shopping list will change from feta cheese and humus to spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, and include things like hot chocolate powder and marshmallows, yummy yummy yummy as Sophia would say!

My good friends know that I go into hibernation slowly slowly over the Autumn (don't write me off just yet!) and more thoroughly over the winter, only really seeing direct family over the Christmas period. Chris and I are hoping to rent a cottage in Wales over this festive period to be close to my family and enjoy my sister's wedding day with her.  Also helping her as one of her chief bridesmaids make sure the day is perfect for her.

The only real sociable time that we will spend in the upcoming months will be at the forest school that Sophia and I have enrolled on to start in the September term.  We shall be purchasing waterproofs and wellies this week so that we are ready to venture out whatever the weather brings!  Since Sophia doesn't go to nursery I am hoping this will be a great way for her to socialise and learn through fun, embedding some structure for more learning to come as she gets older.

The hat and flip flops that Sophia is very attached to!

The hat and flip flops that Sophia is very attached to!

And so it is that Sophia will need to say goodbye to her favourite hat for a while, or maybe not since she has become rather attached... but nevertheless it'll be on to new adventures for us and exciting times ahead.

How do you prepare for the seasons? Do you find them playing a large effect on your family?  Do you prepare or just wing it?  I'd love to hear from you and receive any tips you have for finding your rhythm through the next seasonal changes.