May Goals

Our lovely Spring decorations in our home and Sophia’s art work that she is very proud of.

Our lovely Spring decorations in our home and Sophia’s art work that she is very proud of.

May goals

Yay officially Spring……..

Spring is a time to

  • Draw up plans for pursuing your intentions, nurturing them like seedlings.

  • Cleaning your personal, work and shared spaces, getting rid of anything you don't need and making room for  newness.

  • Start breaking a sweat and exercising, getting outside for bonus points.

  • Add more fresh fruits and cleansing greens to your diet.

  • Ignite new creative projects.

  • Collaborate with others instead of turning inwards.

So here goes my goals for the month

Love   .   Life   .   Marriage   .   Motherhood


Love (Meaning what I enjoy and do for myself, personal goals, including self-care, hobbies, health and wellbeing)

  1. I am purposely having a very quiet month this month. my main focus is my relationship, there are two bank holidays to spend as a family and a trip to Venice. I have not booked any friendship dates yet! I am sure something will happen but my aim is to spend the month being really flexible and allowing space after quite intensive work through April which I will call declutter and detox month!

  2. I have booked a lovely beauty appointment for myself to get my nails done for Venice and am booking my hair appointment in for my brother in laws wedding. I would usually do my own hair but i fancy some pampering.

  3. A lovely friend of mine is starting Ramadan and last year we read a fictional book together written by a lady from Pakistan. It was really educational and fun and we are going to do this together again this year.

    Life (How I fund my lifestyle)

  4. Focus on my facebook group with a monthly theme, blog and a guest speaker - do some work with Laura O, life coach, to craft out a monthly pattern- thinking similar to wholefamilyrhythms Collection group.

  5. Help Chris with a case load that he has on that is quite heavy and he needs some emotional support with.

  6. Priest training - meet up with William - vocations and Hannah - spiritual director. Leading prayers on 26th May and going to an eco conference on behalf of the church yay.


  7. My main priority this month is to really invest in my relationship with my husband. We are away to Venice for 3 days which has had a lot of planning go into it and will be our first couple only break since having Sophia - thanks to my parents offering to look after her.

  8. It is Chris’s birthday so I want to get him a few small gifts and a card to celebrate him.

  9. Spending the two bank holidays together as a family.

    Motherhood/Monthly Events

  10. My focus this month is understanding more about the Steiner philosophy and way of life. I have a rhythm guide and will be focusing on reading and thinking more about the rhythm and pace of life I have with Sophia.

  11. Way over due some blogging no motherhood so will be updating my learnings on my website.

  12. Thinking about booking Into the Wild festival for Sophia and I over August bank holiday weekend if anyone is interested let me know. x


Below is the vision board I did for May to help me visualise achieving my goals.

April Mood Board

April Mood Board