March Goals


March goals

20th March marks the spring equinox when Spring will truly start and I for one can’t wait.  It feels like it’s been a really long winter this year and I can’t wait for the lighter and longer days and the colours of the flowers to grace us with their blossom.

My goals for March are

Love   .   Life   .   Marriage   .   Motherhood


Love (Meaning what I enjoy and do for myself, including self-care, hobbies etc)

1.    Lent is massive for me.  It will start off by attending church on Ash Wednesday and I shall be attending the local church lent group, reading what I can daily to improve my spiritual life.  Our church’s mission this Lent is to be kinder to the environment so I plan to read around eco issues and how to play my part. 

2.    To treat myself to a haircut for Mother’s Day and buy myself some new clothes.

3.    To eat vegan and sugar free for the duration of lent, starting March 6th.


Life (How I fund my lifestyle)

4.    I plan to run my seasonal living course again in April and to do this I want to get my website running and mailchimp automations running more smoothly.

5.    To focus on my facebook group and make it more of a community supporting women – together we are stronger type mission

6.    Co- working session to help connect and focus.



7.    Spring cleaning -I love having a clear energy in my home and what better time than to do a big clear out than Spring time.  I want to go through each room methodically decluttering and recycling anything and selling on things that we won’t use so someone else can benefit in the way of a car boot sale.

8.    Plan a lovely date night to a spa

9.    Eat out as a couple with our friends



10. I will take Sophia to Wales to visit my parents and do some full moon ritual on the beach this month.

11. Garden project - I will be teaching Sophia how to grow seedlings and getting her involved in watering and caring for them.  I have organised a few play dates to help Sophia and I in our plans to become green fingered. 

12. Lots of lovely playdates with my mummy friends and Sophia.

Below is the vision board I did for March to help me visualise achieving my goals.