Leaping into Spring


Preparing for Spring

The 20th March marks the Spring Equinox and is a chance to start afresh- a renewal, a rebirth and a clearing of energy, ready for the work that lays ahead.

So finally Spring is here and we have been very busy preparing in our household.

Spring Cleaning 

I spend a good two hours per room cleaning and sorting ‘stuff’ out.  I am very ruthless about this task.  It is so wonderful to completely overhaul your living space, every item is an energy exchange and Spring is a great time to do this ‘letting go’. The winter can be very transformational and offers perspective. If it doesn’t make sense to hold onto something it is easier to let go after this period.

I’ve been through the loft, reorganising everything! and getting rid of all that I could. Things I wanted to hang onto like maternity clothes and my daughter’s clothes I have gifted to friends with the understanding that anything that is still re-useable once they have finished with, I would like back, hopefully for a future Kypre baby.  Baby stuff really doesn’t get used enough and it feels good that these possessions are being used right now, saving my friends some money and preventing my community from more consumerism.

I have cleared my daughter’s room and the bathroom.  We were so overgrown in clutter of toys and clothes, that we no longer use, items which are better to go to charity or be re-homed. 

And with that in mind, a tradition that my parents often did was to take part in a car boot sale. Items that could be loved by others were sold at a good price and my sister and I really learnt the value of a good clear out for the energy of our home, earning some money and buying new things, if we wished. Or saving for a rainy day, of which there were many in North Wales!  But we could see for ourselves the exchange of money.

Now I just need to sort downstairs, the kitchen, lounge and play area.

Work and Social Media

Work wise I have completely reformatting my website. I have moved it from WordPress to Squarespace. I only started blogging in September, so I was kind of learning what exactly I wanted to blog about. But looking back at all of my blog content it was very clear to see a pattern of themes – cyclic and seasonal living, motherhood and goal setting.  

So, I went through all of the content, rewriting, categorising and sorting my site content out so that it all makes more sense. Hopefully there is more understanding of what my space of the world is all about. I certainly feel more clear.

I went through my instagram, erasing posts that didn’t really add value to my business mission.  I feel I have created a strong foundation from which to grow from.

Goal Setting

Talking about goals ,for me, now is the time to set those goals, in Spring, not the new year and I will be setting them very soon, likely with the New Moon in April so watch out for that blog.

Setting the Scene

Baby Tomato Plant, Sophia is enjoying watching everything grow.

Baby Tomato Plant, Sophia is enjoying watching everything grow.

Elsewhere in our home wardrobes have been rotated, winter clothing has been put away, except for a few winter jumpers.  Summer holidays are being thought about- I am hoping wild camping in Greece again.  Easter and Spring decorations are being put out and themed books and jigsaws/games are reappearing. I am also booking in seasonal play dates like easter egg hunts and spring walks or gardening dates with friends. One of my new years resolutions is to grow my own foods and be in my garden more and growing has definitely started. 

Research, Reading and Spiritual Cleansing.

Spring is a great time to do some research and thinking about what you want to achieve in the year ahead.  Lent has come at a great time this year for me, acting as a sort of transition from Winter straight into Spring. A deep space within me has been found for reflection and contemplation. Thinking about exactly how I want my year to go and how I can make the most impact in doing my part of leaving the world a better place for my daughter to grow up in.

So here I am, healing, reading, writing and dancing my way into Spring. Woohoo.