Full Moon Ritual October 2018


I’m not going to tame my wild side anymore.

I won't apologise for wanting more.  

I will grow my dreams and make them happen.

I won't let you stand in my way.

It is no longer acceptable for me to settle.

If I don't want to be still, I won't.

I will run free, young, wild and FREE.

I’m going back to the learning style I was born to use.

I’m going to drop all the labels.

I am incredible and enough just for being me.

I’m going to own my sexuality without any fear.

I’m going to experience my expertise and gifts, without dimming myself.

I’m going to earn the money I deserve.

I will call myself an expert!

I won’t shhhh my religion because you think it’s weird.

Or dye my hair colour as I am too flamboyant for you.

I’ll wear the clothes I want.

I’ll love who I want.

I’ll eat what I want.

I will work when I want and with who I want.

I’m going to be owning my power and telling people how unstoppable I am.

The world is moving fast and I invite you to join me for every step of the way....

I’m ready to be truthful and stop clipping my wings!!!

Are you?

Laura Kypre

Promise to self, 2018

This week, coinciding with halloween, the moon and being in tune with my absolute divine powers,  I have written out these affirmation as a promise to myself. It kind of represents all of my learnings this year like a harvest festival ritual and a promise of my future self that is yet to come.

I am constantly improving my life, learning, growing and finding myself and I love it.

I want to be part of a tribe that is ready to challenge and set things straight for the next generation, our children of the future.

Amen, Go in peace to love and serve the LORD.

Are you ready to join me.....