Owning Our Feminine Powers


It's truth time ladies, we've been allowed to forget about our powers for far too long. Within all of us lays a secret that, over hundreds of centuries, we've learnt to forget.

And now it's time to bring back our truth. The truth about the powers within all of us, encrypted within our menstrual code, waiting to be figured out so that you can own your power and live your best life 🙏🏻.


Have you ever wondered why it is that one week you can feel like superwoman, cooking from scratch, looking radiant, connecting with your children with endless patience, finding them an absolute joy and delight to be with.

Masterpieces of work pour out of you, effortlessly, you feel like celebrating. You're so energised you come home from a busy day and not only make love with your husband but really want to! Everything feels like win win win🙌🏻

And then suddenly you don't have that same sparkle about you. Things don't flow like last week but you don't really know why. It feels out of the blue and kind of unpredictable.

You want to eat healthily but you can't keep away from the biscuit tin! The desire to dress well or wear makeup feels tedious, if your children fight one more time you're going to go mad and where is that village that are supposed to be raising them!🤷‍♀️

Work is dragging, nothing productive is happening, feeling overwhelmed and defeated you're looking forward to getting home and duvet diving and definitely not with your husband! Alone leave me alone!

.......and don't even get me started about the menstrual week!


Many of us know that end of the month feeling as we approach our period. Many schedule when it happens in their calendars, telling me that they avoid booking anything strenuous in over that weekend, hiding from the world and eating chocolate.

But what about the rest of the cycle?

Does it feel an unknown, hit and miss, like you're not really sure what to expect from yourself day to day?

Seriously it doesn't have to! For as certain as you can be of that period coming at the end of the month you can also know when you will feel the most sociable, patient, money making, magnetising, sales pitching, goal achieving, sexy wife and superhero mother of ten! And make every blissful moment count 🙌🏻.

Imagine if you knew when your power days were so you could plan your months work into them, knowing when you would meet your targets with ease and be so articulate that speaking to a room of people was enjoyable rather than terrifying.

Or if you knew exactly when you would feel nurturing and patient so you could spend this time with your children.

Even if you don't have a monthly cycle or it's a bit unpredictable you can use the moon as a guide- after all "we are 70% water and look what the moon does to the tide," Lisa Lister, author of Code red.

If you want to know I run regular ‘Seasonal Living’ courses going into far more depth about how to achieve balance in your menstrual month and achieve what you truly want.


The first one ran in February 2019 and had lots of positive feedback.

Laura 🙏🏻