February Goals and Visions


This is my February vision board. I created it last week to gently start thinking about the month ahead. The vision board gives me a sense of the feelings I would like to experience. As it's winter the board is about connection, comfortable and warm clothes, getting outside and moving my body. I absolutely love skiing and it is my dream that one day I will make it to the slopes every year. This year I will get close to the cold crisp weather by going for as many walks as I can in nature.

Once I have done my vision board I will write down all that I want to achieve in the month and sit down with my planner, working out when it will all happen. I plan around my menstrual cycle, splitting the month into my inner spring, summer, autumn, winter and by what the moon is doing. These are some of the things I take into account

Meal planning - I am doing no sugar February and need to be planned to ensure I am regularly preparing food. I've done this kind of detox before and the trick is not to get hungry!

People I want to hang out with - I have a few diary dates already, an NCT annual get together for dinner for the Chinese New year. But I try to keep my social activities to my inner spring and summer knowing that come my period I won't feel too sociable and also make sure my sociable time is full otherwise I will be feeling lonely when I do want to be buzzy and chatty.

Thinking of the events I want to celebrate - For February this has already been Imbolc and thinking about the early awakening of spring. I would also like to celebrate valentines day with my husband.

Time with my daughter - we have our regular activities like swimming from our winter rhythm but additionally I want to do some valentine activities like making jam tarts and a card with her.

I am launching a seasonal living workshop this month so much of my work time will be spent detailing the course. I also plan my 1:1 client workload in around my spring-autumn when I am feeling in a great place to serve others.

There are a few other things that will crop up but I find if I plan the bulk of my month in and follow it I will also know if I can add other things in spontaneously as I go.

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