Cyclic Living


Since I read ‘eating by the light of the moon’ when I was doing healing work around food, nutrition and the body I’ve dedicated time to understanding that I am cyclic and whilst I can follow more masculine quality type energy for a few days and that’s important, or max the first two weeks of my cycle, the latter two weeks I can’t keep doing doing doing and going going going.

The part of my cycle that is in sync with the moon going into the darkness is where I need inner time, a mini winter within me. I need to hibernate and protect myself and take time to recharge and reflect. I need hot chocolate, hot water bottles and good movies. Even in the heat of summer it can literally feel cold for me. And then I come out of it and its spring, summer and leaping with joy again. High energy, a time to focus, plan and get things done. I love honouring the yin yang inside of me and both the masculine and feminine energies.

I love getting in touch with the spiritual and sacred parts of my beauty, of what it is to be a woman. Listening to a John Kabitt Zinn meditation ‘the mountain stood still’ it said the masculine energy is like the mountain. And the wind blew against the mountain and the mountain stands still. And I found this so powerful. It repeated various elements lightening, rain, thunder and sun and the mountain always stands still. This is my husband my rock, I will be wild against him and he stands still. 

And me? I am the ocean baby. Untameable, crashing, powerful, feminine, drawn to the moon, never still, not for one moment, only appearing calm in order to have a storm the next day! With various different tides, I’m in, I’m out, no judgement, Only pure beauty and awe. Be the fire, be the wind, be the ocean, be the mountain if you want. But make sure as a woman whatever you are you realise that it changes, we change, ever second, we unfold and it’s all pure magic. Have no fears for this is where our power is.