My New Years Resolution - Breastfeeding!


One thing I can be pretty sure about is another year of breastfeeding!

My daughter has just turned two and has no intention of stopping right now!

Over the Christmas break I can count at least 3 people that have made a comment to me saying that it was ‘a bit odd that I was still feeding her at 2’. Others asked eagerly ‘when will you stop!’ And yet another ‘but you must be tired of it by now!’ But here is the truth I’m not tired of it. If I was
I’d stop.

I am grateful and love having had this deeply bonding experience with my daughter. It will bond us forever. 
I wish this achievement could be supported and celebrated by everyone but in fairness the majority of my friends are incredibly supportive and educated about why children need to feed so long directly with their mama🙌🏻 Breastfeeding helps to regulate my daughter’s body, she is the calmest two year old I know! People often comment about Sophia’s calmness and confidence and I’m sure it’s because we are willing to put everything on hold and just sit and be with each other above all else.

Sucking is the way a young child’s brain calms down and regulates the nervous system, the way cortisol is absorbed by the body and eliminates anxiety.

You only need watch a child feed to see instantaneous relaxation. If a child is not breastfed it will still tend to suck for comfort- a thumb, bottle or dummy. There is nothing odd about this, it is normal and very necessary.

I feel very strongly that parents and children should choose what works for them. I know it doesn’t work for all and that’s fine but let’s be educated that it is normal to breastfeed until at 2 years of age and byond as recommended by the world health organisation.

Please please educate yourselves about what our children and the next generation need to overcome and have better mental health than our generation does. 🙏🏻