April Goals


April goals

Yay officially Spring……..

Spring is a time to

  • Draw up plans for pursuing your intentions, nurturing them like seedlings.

  • Cleaning your personal, work and shared spaces, getting rid of anything you don't need and making room for  newness.

  • Start breaking a sweat and exercising, getting outside for bonus points.

  • Add more fresh fruits and cleansing greens to your diet.

  • Ignite new creative projects.

  • Collaborate with others instead of turning inwards.

So here goes my goals for the month

Love   .   Life   .   Marriage   .   Motherhood


Love (Meaning what I enjoy and do for myself, personal goals, including self-care, hobbies, health and wellbeing)

1.    Health and wellbeing will be my major goal in this area this month. I want to really focus on exercising and eating healthy, no sugar, or very little and getting a very balance and healthy diet. I usually kick start a bit earlier but it’s been slow this year. So I NEED to make sure this happens. I have even started with a health coach to hold myself account for my food and booked a physio appointment to review my strength and get some exercise plans in place.

2.    To continue to attend Lent group, getting closer to my church community, serving in church on Easter Sunday and sourcing eco friendly purchases as part of lent project- I have found a great rain coat and trainers from recycled products!

3.    NTC girls night out yay


Life (How I fund my lifestyle)

4.    Exciting news this month, I am meeting with my co-practitioner Maya to sort out the finer details of our first red tent event. We have set the date for May 5th - with the new moon and would love if you want to register your details with us.


5.    To focus on my facebook group and make it more of a community supporting women – together we are stronger type mission - rolled over from last month, this needs continued work.

6.    Complete April’s seasonal living course, promote another one, release details of a new up and coming course and recruit another client - I have room for a newbie!!!



7.    Spring cleaning -Finish wardrobe rotation, buy a few more items, clean the over and do the car boot sale to get rid of anything we no longer use.

8.    Plan a lovely date night meal with Chris for April

9.    Book Chris a birthday treat trip to Venice


Motherhood/Monthly Events

10. Sophia and I have quite a few fun Easter activities planned for half term - a visit to my Grandma, a cake pop making date, and possibly a Hampton Court Magic Gardens date yay.

11. We are continuing gardening and looking after our seedlings, I want to plant some strawberries this month.

12. Sophia has her first friend’s birthday party to attend so we need to buy a gift and get excited about that.

Below is the vision board I did for April to help me visualise achieving my goals.

April Mood Board

April Mood Board